Friday, November 19, 2010

New Services, New Challenges

It's been a while I focus on works and have no time to update this blog.
Time passing so fast and now I'm celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my Virtual Assistant business.

These last two years, like in any other services business, I have been the struggling to grow my business. But time and all the environments are being such great Gurus to me. I've been crawling to promote the service, carving my skills so they're worthed to be called "services" for my clients, tearing me upside down to learn and develop this business.
And now all off the pains has been paid!

Today, I'm focusing my services as the internet researcher and also SEM/SEO/SMM expert.
I really enjoy to surfs over the internet to find the right informations, compiling those data to be clean and clear for my clients.
Also, I can't count how many hours I spend each day to link building, blog walking, forum posting to do websites promotion. All I wanna say is: I REALLY REALLY ENJOY IT!

I found my passion by being a VA (which means serving my best services to my clients).
I wanna thanking my clients for choosing me as their VA, thank you so much for all the trust and chance to prove my abilities.
Nice to work with you all :)

Also thank you to the internet (and the people who love to share their experiences, knowledges and passion over it), who provide so many resource so I can develop the skills to improve my services.

I am now ready to deliver more professional and reliable work to bring satisfaction for my clients.

If you need assistance, please contact us via email: or call/sms to +62 815 555105 
I will be glad to give more sight about my Virtual Assistant services to you.

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