Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Not Everybody Can Be a Good Virtual Assistant

Thinking back, two years ago when I started Virtual Assistant business, I was thinking that this would be a great escape of being regular worker.

I was sick and tired to meet daily traffic jams (in Jakarta Indonesia, it can be means 2.5 hours spent for 10 kilometres route) and was happy to think that this is the sweetest way to say goodbye to it.

After serving many clients with my Virtual Assistant services (thank you so much for the trust until today), then it's a time to expanding the business.

From single fighter, I was then tried some experiences by hire other virtual assistants. There were good workers, but many others are bad workers.

I am happy with my reputation on delivering quality virtual assistant services, therefore I want the same standart owned by my assistant(s). But then I realized that It's a hard thing to dealing with assistants that you never meet and see.

Based on the bad and good experiences on hiring virtual assistants for myself, I really understand what clients want from their virtual assistants and how the quality they want.

Right now, I develop an exclusive team from my garage (aka my office) so I can be sure that the team only deliver result based on quality standart that people needs from virtual assistant company.

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Yuli Rosiana

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