About Us

Lower Your Costs By Outsourcing Your Business Processes To Our Expertly Trained Virtual Assistants.

We are Indonesia based business process services company. By having your "virtual assistants" (VAs) work from our offices in Southeast Asia we are able to offer significant cost savings to our clients.

Why Us?
Because we are failures....
That's right. We have tried many different ways of outsourcing our own business 
processes and we have failed many times. We have learned how not to conduct 
outsourcing and thus have found the successful way of doing it. We have worked through
all the problems of outsourcing...

  • Language and cultural differences
  • Poor work ethic
  • Inability to meet deadlines
  • Using outdated software and equipment
  • Lack of security of sensitive data and materials
  • Insufficient education and training of staff
  • Improper dissemination of intellectual property
  • Inability to track project hours
  • Loss of quality control over projects
  • Inability to maintain a familiar and consistent point of contact

We Found the Solutions to Outsourcing Problems...
...and We'll Share Them With You.

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