Here is the list of our local expertise.
Please no need to worry if you don't find the skills you're looking for in it, it would be very nice to serve you beyond our below services. You can always delegate these small matters so you can be more focus on achieving your big goals.

Search Engine Optimizing
Need to increase your website traffics or boost your website's Google rank? We are here to discuss the service. 
All legit and white-hat way!

Social Media Assistance
Viral marketing is the cheapest way to improve your marketing leads. Don't miss the chance to get more and more and more potential buyers or clients for your company.
Don't know how? Contact us now and we'll do all pleasure to help you on this stuff.
Internet Research
One of our best talent is to gather any informations from the internet and serve it for your satisfaction.
We are so flexible, fast and reliable for this task. All you have to do is to give the clear background on the information and we will bring you a bunch of list of that information for you.

Web Designer/Administrator
Experiencing problems in design your sites? Or too short time to manage the web pages?
Let me help you to do such things, including but not limited to: IT Support, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Website Design and many more.
Simply hand me over the jobs and I will take care of the rest.

Executive Assistance
Why should you worry if you can hire your own Executive or Personal Assistant?
I’ll do the correspondence, handling travel arrangements, coordinating all details of the convention you are involved with, arranging the catering for a typical lunch meeting, writing original documents for review, assisting in daily tasks, screening incoming calls/keeping call list, help you implement the calls on your call list, monitoring and delegating your emails by matter of priority, reviewing documentation, managing mail, any and all researching, scheduling reservations, booking/confirming meetings and more.
Just name it and you’ll get it done…

Ping Services