Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Need Help On the Surf? Hire a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant also abbreviated to (VA), is an individual who offers professional administrative, technical, creative and legal advises remotely. A virtual assistant is basically an entrepreneur who is willing to be the Jack of all trades and serves a group of people or a company, remotely. Clients of a virtual assistant do not hesitate to contact them and ask for their services due to the fact that the person (virtual assistant) is not responsible for any sort of employee taxation or bonuses. The business is purely done on human trust and mutual confidence.

At first, the virtual assistant has to make up his mind as to what services the person should offer to the clients. The first and foremost thing that should be in the back of a virtual assistant’s mind is the minimum margin of error and abundance of professionalism. The services might range from making a vast number of data entries in Microsoft Office applications to designing professional websites. Each and every service a virtual assistant offers must be of top notch standard. Moreover, these services are provided from a single focal point.

The virtual assistant has its own structure of payments. Usual charges are paid to the virtual assistant on a per-hour basis. However, the clients of a virtual assistant are often paid on a monthly basis. This sort of work does not require any professional degree or certification. It is just the proper exposure and hunt for talented individuals who want to serve this world on their own. They do not have to stand in long queues waiting for job interviews. Guaranteed payment is made on completion of the given assignment.

A virtual assistant has to first bid on a project that is offered of his particular area of expertise. The clients then glance on the profile(s) of the Virtual Assistant. The project is awarded to the one who is the most optimum and productive virtual assistant of the lot. A virtual assistant should possess a separate bank account. Dollar account is always preferred in countries where Dollar is not the major source of financial transactions. The clients collaborate on the given assignment with the VA and on completion of the project, pay him/her on the basis of prior bidding and conversations.

Mostly, a virtual assistant works for a small business and for consultancy firms as well. A virtual assistant is free to work for a number of employers or clients. There is no such contract normally, that prohibits doing multiple jobs at once. This allows a virtual assistant to keep multiple sources of income, without having to pay tax for any of these.

This profession of providing remote assistance under one roof has grown leaps and bounds to date. Due to lack of jobs and recession crisis, more people are flocking in to become a virtual assistant. In a nutshell, as the world keeps shrinking itself and more people coming into this business we might observe more entrepreneurs than employees in the years to come.

Source: http://www.zchand.com/business/need-help-on-the-surf-hire-a-virtual-assistant

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